Six-pix Porto

Porto was one of the first cities I visited on my trip around the North. I took many pictures of the city because it is actually big, but I had to choose just six of them for the post.

São Bento station.

In fact this is the street at the side and it was the first thing I saw there. It was funny to see the typical portugoenglish phone box there.

Clérigos Church.

It could be seen in the previous picture at the end of the street. There’s also the tram and the Christmas decorations; but the decorations aren’t there all the time, I went there in November.

A part of the city.

Porto is just like this, a city on a mountain, there are no horizontal streets. I did like this, but it was tiring to walk around the city. I got nice legs after that.


I’m showing this picture because everybody already saw the sunset one.

The river Douro.

To be an important capital in Portugal, cities must prove there’s a river crossing them.

I went to mass here.

I don’t know the name of this church. I just chose this picture because I was curious and went to mass in Portuguese there, although I’m not a believer.

Further reading:

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