Parents and open day at school

Today we had an open day at the school I work in. I guess it is a stressing day for the principal, who has to show parents around again and again; for the teachers it is not as bad as I thought.

Last week I was told that this week we would be having an open day at school. I pictured myself in class, where no kid ever heard me speaking other language than English — they didn’t even out of the class, in fact —, with parents coming and going, stopping the lessons, asking me questions and waiting for demonstrations of their children’s Proficiency level — which doesn’t exist.

I was wrong. Today the children were quieter than usual, maybe the cold calms them down, and I was suffering for the parents to disturb that weird, but divine, situation. At a point of the lesson, the door opened to give way to the principal and some parents. She said something to them so low I couldn’t hear it. They stayed there for a minute, quietly, watching the children attending to the class like they were not there and then left.

I guess my prejudices come from the leisure camps world. When parents show up in camps, they use to mess up with any activity, make children break rules they never broke in two weeks or demonstrate why that child turned that bad. They respect school more, formal education. But leisure monitors are educating kids as well! But we are lucky they still respect something; we all know what parents are like today.

Question: What were your experiences with parents if you ever worked with children?


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