Celebrating MIR, the exam that overcomes a pregnancy

Sometimes you expect a Saturday to be just a Saturday, but it turns to something else.

Yesterday a friend from the Empordà had her MIR exam. That is the exam about everything at the end of the medical degree and which decides the choice priority for the vacancies in Spain. That means a whole year studying non-stop, with almost no social life. It’s not weird to see the family and friends waiting for the students at the end of the exam with banners and confetti.

But I’m not going to talk about the heroic deed of my friend. That would be too selfless for someone who names his blog after himself. I’m going to talk about the odd things that happen on a normal Saturday, but all together.

― Wait for someone at the end of an exam like it was a birthday surprise party.
― Have her mother there telling everyone that her daughter can get drunk that night.
― Have a waitress who looks more like a lorry driver, has Kitty key rings popping out of her pocket and had drunk more than anyone at the table.
― Go to a disco at the exit of Barcelona which you had always seen from the night-bus and thought “I’ll never go there”.
― Have your friend’s boyfriend ― who is from the Penedès like you ― inviting his friends and having an exclusive Penedès party in Barcelona.
― Helping a friend out of the disco and getting her into a taxi after fifteen minutes because the security people invited her to go home.

Question: What odd things happened to you on a normal Saturday?


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