One month of smoking ban in Spain and smokers are still alive

About the controversial law and the effects of its implementation.

I haven’t done a deep research on the subject nor have I talked to enough people to consider them as a representative sample to come up with statistical conclusions, but I think that the new Spanish smoking ban has been a success, both for what it aims and the way it’s been put into practise.

One month ago many smokers got angry and claimed for their rights after years without worrying if non-smokers had any right to choose a bar or a disco where they were allowed to breathe smoke-free air.

From the 2nd of January, people can choose a restaurant depending on its quality or price and not on whether they allowed smoking ― what encourages quality restaurants. From the 2nd of January, dirty people can wear the same Saturday night clothes for three days and clean people can smell good. From that day, smokers can make new friends on the terrace instead of getting new enemies by burning their shirts on the dance floor.

Most of the smokers I know accepted the ban and some of them even joke about how they saved some money; not in tobacco, but in coffee. If they have to sacrifice a vice, there’s no room for hesitation. I think the ban was good, nobody is talking about it anymore after all ― except for me.


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