A new and interesting long-weekend

The February long-weekend is not known by anyone, probably because I invented it unintentionally this week. It is a weekend to celebrate meeting both old friends and your inner self.

Last weekend I wasn’t in Vilafranca, as you know, I was in Barcelona celebrating the MIR exam. But you can’t live without the backpack move, so I went to Vilafranca on Sunday. As I don’t have much work left to do in the lab, I resolved to stay there one more day and go back to Barcelona on Tuesday.

I devoted my Monday to introspection, to deciding what would I do after finishing my chemistry master at the end of the month. And I decided to focus on philosophical contemplation; which may mean nothing, but sounds like not working and I like it. I’ll work Thursday and Friday at school and will walk, get myself some culture and write my linguistic correction master project the rest of the week.

So I started my new relaxed life on Monday and went for a walk before supper. When I was almost back home, I met and old friend on mine who was on her way to meet another old friend and joined them. We hadn’t met for so long and had so many things to tell! On Tuesday, a woman who doesn’t understand the meaning of fast queue in the bank made me miss the bus. I understood that as a signal to extend my mysticism one more day. On Wednesday I went to the laboratory to find some mates who were jealous about my long-weekend and in the afternoon I got a phone call from a friend who was passing by and we had a drink.

I think I’ll like my new life.

Question: Do you have any short-term special plans?


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