‘REC’ and ‘REC 2’

REC. Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza; Manuela Velasco. Spain, 2007.

REC 2. Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza; Jonathan Mellor. Spain, 2009.

“A reporter and her cameraman are in a fire station to record the job of the firemen, their lifestyle and the risk situations they have to live. But as they follow them on a night duty, what was supposed to be a normal operation turns into a hell on earth. Locked inside a building, two firemen and the reporters will face an unknown and deadly horror. Something evil is spreading out of control.”

REC poster.

Last Friday I spend a horror night with two friends. I’m not talking about the extremely thick glasses one of them put on after taking off his contacts nor the bottom rubbing that the cheeky girl did to me; I’m talking about the first two REC films.

There were no surprises regarding the film: a reporter frightened to death in a building full of zombies. Most horror films have a simple plot for things have to happen slowly to keep the audience in tension. In REC they focused on the main issue, creating tension to discharge it with some sporadic furious screaming zombie.

But there’s nothing like the original, not REC 2 at least. The idea of the camera as an absolute witness is not new anymore and it’s utterly unlikely to find so many cameras in a locked building appearing and dying so conveniently. But it’s okay.

I just want to point out something about the revealing sentences in the attic by Manuela Velasco and Jonathan Mellor. May the cinema academy of Spain forgive me, but they were so overacted. I’ve seen better interpretations in my school plays.


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