Saint Valentine may not be a Catalan tradition, but…

We spend our lives thinking that we betray our motherland with foreign celebrations, but maybe we were doing just fine.

I’ve always been interested in things from outside Catalonia; mainly in cultures, ways of life, languages, traditions… Some years ago I told a friend of mine how I envied her intercultural relationship with an English boy, I wanted someone exotic for me too. Last week I found her after a long time and was able to tell her that I also have an English partner.

I’m writing about this because today it is Saint Valentine’s Day, something that I’ve always ignored in favour of the Catalan traditional lover’s day Sant Jordi. Well, being on an intercultural relationship myself now I’ll celebrate both things, English and Catalan, for we both want to keep our culture and learn from the other’s one.

As I accepted to celebrate Saint Valentine, I did some research on it and found something surprising. Saint Valentine was a Roman martyr who lived in the 3rd century, whose relics were moved to Catalonia and to whom some chapels were devoted.

The worship to this saint seems to be focused on weather issues here, a Catalan poem about Saint Valentine as a love day written in the 15th century —when Saint Valentine was first documented in England and Scotland— was found. I’ll celebrate Saint Valentine just like Sant Jordi, no matter whether it is also Catalan or not.

What do you think?


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