Nobody realised yet, but Pokémon is not just a kids’ game. There’s a hidden message about human behaviour to educate the new generations and I’m going to uncover it.

The beginning of the issue.

Many years ago, young people used to fall in love, flirt, get married, have children and live happily until they die next to that special person, the one. Nowadays things are not that easy. The new generations have been exposed to Pokémon influence and everything is confusing now. The motto now is “Gotta catch ‘em all”.

Yes, now people want to catch (seduce) as many pokémon (people) as possible. Maybe you’re not actually interested in those pokémon’s abilities or don’t like their look, but this doesn’t matter. Your aim is to complete your Pokédex, to catch more pokémon than anyone.

But it’s impossible to manage hundreds of them (lovers) at the same time; you can only carry six with you. So you choose your favourite ones and send the rest to Bill’s PC (address book) in their pokeballs in case one of your main team fainted or your needs changed.

But there are still some trainers who get attached to one of their pokémon and always use that one in fights. Even though, they always carry a deputy pokémon, because life is more than affection and it’s handy to have a pokéball up your sleeve in case of need. You know what I mean.

Now, what kind of trainer are you?

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