How to have an actually surprising surprise party

It’s well-known that surprise parties never surprised anyone. But I found out how a surprise party can actually surprise someone —I’m having many revelations lately.

Last Wednesday, after having supper — and washing my dishes; I’m a good boy —, I sat on the sofa to watch television while I digested my meal. After channel surfing for a while I found Arròs covat, a Catalan series I would watch if I watched any.

Just when the episode started, one of my flat mates — the one from Venezuela — arrived, but he was not alone. He was so not alone according to the voiced I could hear. The door opened and about ten unknown people indeed came in carrying beers and introducing themselves. They spread all over the sitting kitchen and my flat mate said “Oh, I forgot to tell you; it’s my birthday today”.

His friends were there to celebrate his birthday. There was a guy from Madrid, a guy from Belarus, two guys from England, some guys from South America and a guy from Kurdistan who could speak a bit of Catalan; the rest were on their way. I joined them because they lacked native representation and they were really nice. They stayed until past midnight, then my flat mate and I spend one hour talking about life and other issues.

When I got into bed I realised that surprise parties are successful when the surprised one is not the birthday guy and when the ones giving the surprise don’t know about their job.

Now, what surprise experiences have you had?


2 thoughts on “How to have an actually surprising surprise party

  1. According to what I know, he just took advantage of your visit and the pending bikini party to kill two birds with one stone. So he was not 100 % trying to surprise you, but he did though 😛 Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the party a little and had enough hugging after it.

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