And so this is (still) Christmas

About nobody ever bothering creating a department or hiring someone to control the image of the underground of Barcelona or how the ones who should be doing this don’t care at all.

Everybody knows that most of the public transport companies are not too worried about linguistics. If you know some other language apart from yours, you sure have enjoyed reading the signs in buses and trains and discovering unnatural or wrong constructions even in your own language. In the underground of Barcelona, there are televisions on the platforms with the underground channel; a wonderful chance to desecrate our language in the awful subtitles of its news.

Break your neck to sing better.

But I don’t mean to be bad. Not everyone can be a philologist and people from the underground are cheap enough to not spend a cent hiring one. But there’s something unforgivable, something which doesn’t require a degree to realise that’s utterly and dreadfully wrong.

If my calendar is right, today it’s 26th of February. Then, how is it possible they are still advertising the Christmas Box in Universitat Square to sing Christmas carols on the underground television?

Now, what nonsense have you seen lately?


2 thoughts on “And so this is (still) Christmas

  1. Any English-speaking person is used to linguistic desecrations of the most disgusting kind. Fortunately, this is only when we go abroad, and generally the English you read in England on public transport is perfectly fine. Our complete lack of normalisation must be a good thing 😀

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