My Master in Analytical Chemistry – 1 of 2

Last week I handed in my report to the members of the tribunal. Tomorrow I’ll do the oral presentation and that will be it. Here you have the first half of the acknowledgements I wrote. They are a summary of what the last year has been for me.


After one year in the laboratory, I need to thank someone for all their efforts to make my work possible. That someone spent many hours checking the data and making sure the experimental part was performed properly. After all this year I need to thank myself for being here. Without my presence I couldn’t have got any results or written my report.

A gold star for me.

After a first revision, my professors told me — a bit outraged — that the acknowledgements I wrote were undesirably unusual and talked me into writing a more formal — meaning populist — version of the section. I must admit they didn’t academically threaten me or anything, of course. Well, it cannot be difficult; I have faked kindness before.

My dear readers (in plural because you will be three or five if some other student may need to read my project if they work in the same field),

Writing a report like this one is not easy; you get quite busy — they even rhyme. The report is not only the result of your work, but of all the people who encouraged you to do it, who guided you through that year, who convinced you to go on and not go on a volunteering in India far away from chemistry and studies… typical.

I do not want to poke the bear — there are quite sensitive people — and end up in World War III by choosing a wrong order to talk about the ones who were there. So I will do it in appearing order, like in films. It is fairer than random alphabetical order and less discriminatory than importance order. Moreover, it is more sophisticated and modern, more ceremonial, like Oscars deserve.


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