My Master in Analytical Chemistry – 2 of 2

Acknowledgements – continuation

Everything started in February last year during a birthday supper with the Sílvias — two girls with the same name that you have to name in plural and never individually. They had just finished their masters and were starting their PHDs. They said such nice things about the experience that I got interested. The fact of socialising and having lunch with my friends was convincing enough. I rushed to the Department of Analytical Chemistry at university because the deadline for registration was that week.

There I talked to Mercè Granados, who told me that I was actually three weeks late, but there were two groups still available. One of them was the group on Solution Equilibria and Chemiometrics. Santi Hernández — one of the professors in charge of the group — explained to me everything they were doing in the group and what would be my project.

When I was in the group, Toni Checa taught me the details of my work and watched me all the time. He will remember me for a long time after my many often absurd questions. I also had a talk to Xavi Saurina — another professor in charge of the group —, who told me about my objectives and the methodology and the analysis I had to carry out to get them.

I must mention the Fluorescence group as well, for they took me in and spent many hours and meals together — especially when the French guys were here. The fluorescents have been half of my entertainment the last year. During the experimental months, I used to visit them between my analysis because I was alone in the new laboratory. During the data treatment months, I spent more time with the Chemiometrics group; but I am not giving details because it could be dangerous for us all.

Additionally, in November I had two presents: the possibility to use the mass spectrometer at the Barcelona Science Park and a paper about my work where I am the main author — and I have been told that some groups are not that generous. And it kept getting better. I had always been told that the deadline for the report was in January, but then they told me I had an extra month. In fact, that made my suffering longer rather than helping me. Although I must admit that I used that month to improve some last moment details with the help of Toni, Santi and Xavi.

And that was it. The rest of the report is quite boring if you’re not really interested in polyphenols. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to leave. The audience is waiting for my presentation. Wish me luck — not that I need it, but still…


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