Pacman took to the streets, for real

About the relationship between a hole in the pavement and Pacman.

I don’t think that having building works in my street is anything new by now. A long hole appeared in the pavement a month ago and it’s still there. Fortunately, the pavement is wide enough for people not to walk on the road.

My neighbours.

There’s something special this time. They made such a long hole that they had to build a circuit of wooden platforms and metal barriers so that the residents can get to our homes or spend our afternoons there. Yes, it is quite entertaining to have a random, illogical and ― what’s worse ― changing circuit.

That’s why these last few weeks I’ve learnt what it is like to be in Pacman’s shoes. I had to choose my way as I go, trying to avoid the ghostly holes to get home safe. It is such a perfect circuit and the builders are so devoted to it that every morning when you go out you find the barriers in a new position. All good games have different levels, don’t they?

Now, have you ever been in a maze?


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