‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Terry Gilliam; John Neville, Sarah Polley. United States, 1988.

“The eccentric baron Munchausen, an aristocrat who uses the power of his imagination ― and a groups of nutters ― to prevent his town from sacking.” I’m not copying the rest of the text on the DVD’s box because that’s not a synopsis of the film; that’s advertising about the most famous people in it (Uma Thurman’s five-minute Venus is not part of the main plot, but just one more random thing in it).

20th anniversary edition box.

A friend of mine recommended the film to me. Well, he lent me the film with a severe you-have-to-watch-it look without me asking for it. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised because I saw Life of Brian (the only thing I have ever seen by Monty Python) and it seemed quite ordinary to me; ordinary like in simple or facile ― I’ll be burned for saying such things.

I liked the fantastic and illogical world of the film. It’s not a fantasy with rules, like in most of the films. It’s an unpredictable fantasy, anything can contradict the previous one (the rope issue when they leave the Moon), the world is reinvented in each scene.

No wonder it was nominated for four Oscars, it won one and its special effects were praised. Twenty-three years later, it doesn’t look too old ― which means a lot coming from me. I guess that the worst of the film was its 20th anniversary box.


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