I am here and I am hot

I was supposed to write yesterday, but nobody knows it and I guess nobody spend their day anxiously refreshing my blog’s home page. Anyway, last Wednesday I came back from my holiday and I can have a rest; I waited more than this to have central heating at home.

In November, our landlord said we were going to have central heating. The front door connects us to the street and we have two terraces, so the flat is very cold and we were longing for that heating. And it was long indeed.

After spending all December, January and February wearing more clothes at home than outside, cooking and watching television wrapped in a blanket and having as many sheets on my bed as possible; March came around and brought home the central heating.

It’s nice to have a heating device when spring and warm temperatures start. I don’t want to be nasty-minded, but it’s just weird that our landlord waited until we didn’t need the heating if we take in account that we don’t pay the bills and he would have had to pay the difference this year. At least it’s still a bit cold at night and in the morning and I can sleep and exit the shower warm some weeks before I expected.

Now, have you ever got anything late, but better than never?


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