I also fancied the guys in my English books at school

From today and for three months, we’ll see people justifying their sexual needs with the arrival of the spring. So don’t criticise me when you read this.

Let’s face it, publishing houses know that there comes a day when children stop looking at books to look at who’s sitting next to them. That’s why at some point our English books change the old cute robots, monsters and kids pictures for hot real youngsters pictures.

Open the door. Close the window.

You may think that when we are young we fancy anyone who’s five years older than us. But that’s not true. I got an English teacher job this month and when I checked the books to prepare my lessons, some old feelings came back to my mind.

You grab the workbook and think “Well, we all look nicer in black and white”; but they look the same in the student’s book. The bad thing is that children misinterpret that they live in a country of ugly people while in the UK everybody is extremely hot and you curse your bad luck for having put you in the wrong place. The good thing is that some decide to study hard so that they can reap the fruits of their efforts ― which, by the way, I did.

Or do any of you dare denying that they fancied some of the guys in their books?


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