Be careful, the pregnancy virus has been unleashed

Years go by, we live our lives, some of my friends already have a good enough job and some are finishing their studies. We keep going out at night, going on trips and feeling forever young. And then someone has a child.

A good friend of mine had a baby one month ago. I haven’t met her yet because of my duties ― the presentation of my master and, er…, my two-week holidays in Bilbao. But last Sunday three friends and I visited them. It’s true that some other people have already had children some years ago, but those were not premeditated exceptions. This time it is the announcement of a new stage in life. We’re not so young any more.

Rather a change in my friend’s life. She looked sleepy tired, but very happy. I told her she was a step higher; the baby was in the son-daughter category, like us, and she was in the parents’ one. I got some don’t-put-her-in-a-fifty-aged-people-category looks and she said: “Well I am, and I can tell off and punish, so be careful”. True. I’m not going to answer back a mother ― unless she’s mine.

Evidence proves that pregnancy is contagious. Another girl from the village has just had a baby and you can see some suspiciously bigger bellies. The first to have children catalyse the process. Even though, I keep my vaccines up to date ― and I’m not willing to change it.

Some may think we’re too young, but our parents had us at about twenty-five. The biological clock doesn’t run out of batteries nor can any technological advances or social changes put it back. Some will avoid the infection for some years, but the virus has been unleashed.

Now, are your defences OK?


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