These boots are made for walking

This week has been the first of my new routine. I’ve got plenty of free time. Or should I say a lot of work to do be freely done in time. I thought I had time to spare; but when you think that you have much time, you schedule too many things.

Last Wednesday, after having supper I they invited me for a drink. I wake up earlier than any day on Thursday, but that wouldn’t be my first Wednesday out at night. So next day I woke up twenty minutes later than usual and arrived to the school just on time to go straight to my class. Never worry about being sleepy, kids will surely keep you awake.

Beep beep!

After school I run back home to write some stuff and have lunch. I was supposed to sign my new afternoon job’s contract before going to work. But the contract and the job were in two different and not wonderfully connected neighbourhoods, so I walked for thirty minutes.

Later, I went back to the contract neighbourhood. This time I had a fast drink in a bar and went to a chemist girl’s new flatnabe to eat some toasted sandwiches ― of course ― with the sandwich toaster they gave me after my master’s presentation (I proudly write about my handmade sandwiches and they spoil the magic). Before midnight, most people left because the underground was closing and only the dweller, a girl and I stayed. The girl lived close to there and my place was just a forty-minute walk from there. They thought I was misusing the word “just”, but I’m a country guy.

On Friday I woke up in time to have a shower, set the washing machine, cook lunch while having breakfast and run to school, where I started giving lessons to the principal at lunchtime. Now I wonder what become of that contemplative life of mine that was to come.


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