Some good news about Catalan in the world

This week begun with two pieces of news which ennoble the Catalan language. I’m not keen on journalism, but sometimes it makes me happy.

Google says Catalan is one of the ten most active languages in the world (

Google highlights the presence of Catalan on the Internet in relation to its number of speakers. There are two rankings depending on whether the language is only used in its territory or all over the world. Catalan moves between positions 10 and 15 of the international ranking — it fluctuates through time. What would my Swedish friend say now?

Small American publishing houses publish Catalan literature (La

An American publishing house will publish The grey notebook by Josep Pla. Publishers and translators criticise the “provincialism” of the United States that ignore other cultures and the things that are not written in English. Even though, they say that small influential publishers are now translating Catalan authors and taking other cultures in account. Quim Monzó and Mercè Rodoreda are being translated with good results already.

There’s no need to say anything else.


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