International Spring Barbecue Party

Last Saturday a friend of mine and his flat mates had a barbecue on the terrace of their flat in Barcelona. I loved it.

I received my invitation some days before: Saturday from 2 p.m. until the neighbours call the police, bring some meat. I like socialising when I’m there, but I’m very lazy about it the day before. There was an encouraging fact though; my friend is Scottish and his flat mates are from Chile and Canada, which translates into an international mix of guests and I love this. Half the globe was represented there. Catalan people? Four at the beginning, one at the end: me.

These situations put your language skills to test more than giving lessons to some students that won’t detect any mistake because they can hardly understand you. And you can be gratefully surprised as well when the girl from Canada starts talking in a medium-speed, but almost perfect Catalan.

Moreover, the weather was wonderful. There were some pinkish skins by the evening. We had a great day: nice weather, food, music and lots of interesting people to keep you entertained. The time flew by and the police didn’t come, but at 2 a.m. a neighbour from the building in front of us said that twelve hours was enough for a barbecue. We all agreed that we had to repeat that.

Spring is here after all. Haven’t you started having barbecues?


2 thoughts on “International Spring Barbecue Party

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