BCN-BIO, March 2011

You plan a trip thinking that something interesting enough to publish will happen there, but the most interesting thing — or the least boring — are the hours previous to it…

Sunday, 6th March

Original plan: Have a nap to sleep less at night, pack, have a shower, have supper early and go to bed at 9 p.m.

Real facts: Waste my afternoon doing nothing, put away the clean clothes (8 p.m.), pack and tidy my room (8:30 p.m.), waste time in front of the TV (10 p.m.), have supper and go to bed (11.30 p.m.).

Monday, 7th March

Original plan: Sleep until 5 a.m., have breakfast, go to the airport, take off at 8:20 a.m. (sorry, 7:10 a.m., they changed my flight without any explanation), land in Bilbao in one hour and get in my host’s bed at 8:40 a.m. to sleep a bit more.

Real facts: Fall asleep (2 a.m.), wake up every 20 min and have breakfast (5 a.m.). Go to the train station on foot because the underground is still closed, run into several drunken people in costume after a Carnival night (6:05 a.m.). It’s very early and the accesses to the platforms are open with no surveillance — which doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Get to the airport (6:30 a.m.), the flight has been delayed 10 min, could have slept more and take the underground and another train. Meet my host at the airport in Bilbao (8:10 a.m.), miss the bus, wait for the next one and get into the bed (9:10 a.m.).

Well, I’ve had worse flights. At least that last time I wasn’t searched — and I usually am — or didn’t need to sleep on the floor.

Now, how was your last flight?


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