The Cacaolat crisis: worse things happen at sea

A nuclear reactor breaks in Japan and Europe freaks out about death by radiation. The Catalan chocolate drink Cacaolat company is having a mishap and the Catalan — and many Spanish — people whined ad nauseam on social networks because of the destruction of the meaning of life.

Chase that boy! He has the last bottle!

The Cacaolat company had some troubles lately and the whole country is desperate about the possible extinction of its chocolate drink. But in this country people complain about nonsense and place them under the spot light while politicians, company owners and thieves… I mean, con people… I mean, similar people abuse their position. During the Spanish Civil War and for fourteen years, they stopped producing Cacaolat and that was not a problem for our grandparents.

Another boy with a bottle.

I think they must have a very poor life to focus your worries on a drink. Or a such disgustingly perfect and problem-free life that they need to waste time on something. There’s something they call growing up. When you grow up, some things are left behind, you discover new ones and evolve. If they miss the kid with the bottle, they can always drink Freixenet cava: it has the same logo, it’s also a Catalan product and, additionally, it looks more mature.

Shame on you; have some self-control. I’m much more mature than that. Cacaolat is having some problems. So what? It’s not the end of Nesquik.


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