Let me tell you something about cars

How many car models are there in the world? Rhetorical question. But why do people know all their names, even the names of the ones which stopped being produced before they were born?

Any person who’s been in a car with me knows that I distinguish cars by their colour. There’s a girl who knows it more than anyone. We’ve had conversations like these:

My friend used to drive a white Peugeot 106 or 107 like this one.

She — Look at that [car model]! So cool!
I — What?
She — Look at that yellow! So cool!
I — Yes, it looks expensive.

I — I was in a car like yours in Lisbon.
She — Was it white?
I — No, the model. I recognised its inside.

I — Have you seen the advertisement of the new white? I like that car.
She — You’re lucky I saw that advertisement yesterday.

She — How could you tell this was my car if the one behind it is a white as well?
I — The other one hasn’t got the hockey player sticker.

In an interpreting lesson, I missed all the speech because I couldn’t understand a word they said all the time. That was the name of the model they were talking about. I must admit this colour-distinguishing thing is an exaggeration, of course. I can also distinguish cars from vans and minivans (which are also called MPVs or MUVs — Am I clever or not?). And I know most of the logos; although I doubt between Renault and Peugeot, but in the end I get them right.

Some think I should be ashamed that a fifteen year-old kid knows more car names than me. Let me tell them something. I know two cars the new generations don’t: Kid and Delorian.


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