Not only do we have a blog, we also have holidays

Maybe you’ve noticed I’m taking longer to answer comments these days or those who have a blog noticed a decrease in the number of hits. The reason? Both writers and readers are on holiday.

There’s a belief that anything related to technology and especially the Internet is time-consuming and attention-absorbing. That is: if you play MMORPGs, you — freak — never leave your chair; if you have a profile on social networks, you spend your time spying on other people’s lives and not living yours; if you have a blog, you spend your days writing, commenting and checking the number of hits.

This is not — always — true. All these activities are hobbies like following a television show, reading, practicing sport, going to the cinema, partying… None of them takes more than three to eight hours a week. My blog doesn’t take me more than three. Notice that all of us explain things we’ve seen, read, heard or lived. Either we do have a life or we have lots of imagination.

The wisest ones will wonder how I can be away and publish every three days. Elementary, my dear Watsons, you can schedule posts to be published any moment in the future or even the past. When I know I’ll be away for some time, I schedule posts and just need a five-minute visit to answer some comments.

Now, what do you put on hold on holidays: studies, family, diets, personal hygiene…?


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