What wedding? So what?

Sometimes we feel special because the world thinks they are celebrating the greatest event and you celebrate a private and better one. Or maybe not better, but still private.

Yapping about our plans for the weekend someone mentioned the British royal wedding. Well, I’ve got better things to think of on the 29th of April.

United Kingdom’s royal family sure will remember today for the wedding, but I won’t. The 29th of April means something else to me. Two of my old close friends were born on that date and I also met someone on that date some time ago.

Rather than celebrating official things, we usually have our own reasons to celebrate. When people celebrate Saint John’s Eve, I’m celebrating a birthday. That day when people remember the twin towers, the Catalans celebrate our national day and there’s a wedding anniversary in my family.

I guess you started thinking about your own celebrations on official event days. Why don’t you share them with me?


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