Masterquímica: where chemistry and Catalan meet

Masterquímica (which would be Masterchemistry) is an event to popularize chemistry in Catalan. It’s been its seventh edition this year, starting last Wednesday and finishing today.

This is the one.

This is the one.

In this familiar congress, a score of master’s students of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Universitat de Barcelona have shown the results of our scientific research on a poster which had to be written in correct Catalan.

Yesterday afternoon the Masterquímica’s awards ceremony to give the prizes was held in the Enric Casassas conference hall of the Faculty. They used the occasion to give some short tales and poetry awards and some foreign students read some of them. Even Enric Casassas son himself read some. It was a curious and very entertaining way to join chemistry and Catalan.

I don’t want to show false modesty. I probably wouldn’t have written about this if I hadn’t won the first prize. I guessed it would be an advantage to have language studies, but I wasn’t expecting the first prize. Congratulations to me.

We had a toasted sandwich supper to celebrate it, but this goes without saying.


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