The visitors

Today is a very important day in the net. I swallowed all my modesty before writing the last post, so I can say my blog’s anniversary is that important.

I’ve written lots of things during this year, but today I’m going to talk about you, the readers. Sometimes you’re funnier —or weirder— than me. This is what you look for in searching engines to get to my blog:

This would be you.

Trenitala: you’ve got some obsession with the Italian trains company.
Pikachu and Pokémon: I just mentioned them three days quite randomly.
– Playmobil and pirate ships: Another random metaphor.
– “a hidden message for women and kids”: What were you looking for?
– “keanu reeves henry’s crime”: There’s nothing similar in my blog!
SpongeBob: The other half of the hits.
– Catalan-related things: Is good to know the world cares about my culture.

Well, that has been you this last year. Let’s see what you give me for the next one!


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