Summer’s here to torture you

This morning, when I was leaving the school they told me my contract finishes this month because in June they change to morning intensive lessons and they fed rid of some classes. If we take in account that I only go there on Thursday and Friday, next week I finish the year!

Summer is getting closer than ever. What makes you realise summer’s here is not the hot weather or the calendar; it’s the last day of school. If you’re not a student or a teacher, summer is more an abstract concept than a real thing, probably. But I’m… lucky (?) to be both.

I may finish school next week, but at the academy we’ll be having the exams then and we still have a whole month of classes. They told me it will be really boring because we’ve finished the books and the exams are done, so the kids just do some oral presentations without trying too hard. But let’s be optimistic: if they do oral presentations, I won’t need to prepare any lessons!

Well, yes, Òscar, you’re lucky! Are you sure? I need to write a master’s project — I just can’t get enough — by September and I’m spending sis weeks on summer camps. I will have lots of fun, but it’s still a time-consuming job and I won’t be able to relax or work on my project.

Moreover, all this will mean the end of another stage in my life — I know, I should make them last longer than six months. So in September I’m going to look for a job and a place to live again. Isn’t summer supposed to be a time to relax in order to go back to your routine later? What am I doing wrong?

Now, what about your next summer?


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