Geek Pride Day

I’ve been checking on my competition [Did you think bloggers read other blogs because we like them?] and I find out that today is the Geek Pride Day. So I thought I could confess some things. Morbid curiosity rules the world now, you know?

Sacrecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion?

I have a slightly geek past; or should I say present? We could start by defining geek. Many people think that a geek is a person who likes video games, Japanese animation or comic books, fantasy books and role-playing games. Those people also think: If I don’t know it, it didn’t exist when I was young or I don’t like it, then it’s bad. Any tolerant person or anyone who likes these things will add this to the definition: being devoted to all this and make it the centre of your like and all your humour references.

Those who were born in the 80s had a parallel life to video games: in the 80s we were looking for a place in the world, in the 90s we were decent enough to interact with and around 2000 we became adults. It’s unlikely that we’ve never played a video game. The Catalan kids have the additional exposure to Japanese animation because we had lots of it on the Catalan television. We had all the influence to become geek. Fantasy and role-playing games are side effects of all this.

Video games were a family activity for me, just like board games on Sunday afternoon. One of us had the controller and the rest discussed about the next move. Some games require as much mental effort as a book and, obviously, a lot more than television. Lots of video games are Japanese, so you grow familiar to their culture, become interested and attend a manga convention in costume eventually. Although you’re not one of those who prepare your costume eight months in advanced, but one of those who think that a day out can be fun and sew some clothes and an orange net the night before.

I’m not attending the manga convention anymore because it’s crowded with people and you can’t even breath. But I still play video games and sometimes find a nice manga or anime, and it’s much funnier spending an afternoon rolling dices and imagining fantasy stories with your friends than letting your brains die. I believe that being geek in moderation is good for your brains; just like a glass of wine a day is good for health.

Now, are you teetotallers, moderate consumers or alcoholics?


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