We the people are being beaten

Yesterday was a sad day. I’m not talking about my last day at the school and missing the kids. I’m talking about what happened in Barcelona, which is just a reflection of a shameful social situation.

I’m not posting any images because we’ve seen enough and my heart shrinks every time I see them. I can’t believe that after all we’ve been through here — and what’s happening in other places now — the security (blatant cynicism) forces (the only thing they use) beat the people, young and old, of all conditions, who ask for the State to work for them and not to live off them.

One week ago, before the elections, they already talked about cleaning the squares where people were demonstrating, but it wasn’t wise to show themselves up. Yesterday, after the elections, they used the (im)perfect football excuse. They’ve known that Barça could win the Champions for ages. They never told the campers to keep the square “hygienically safety” or sent humble street-cleaners to do their job. No. They waited until yesterday and sent an army to plunder the camp. If the politicians believe that the supporters think that a game is more important than the problems we have now, there’s a problem with the politicians’ priorities.

They wasted human and economic resources in that operation. They could have used them to set up huts to use as kitchens or storage they could lock. Or have the same army protect the allegedly dangerous spots of the camp. Again, no. In a country where politicians put their efforts in destroying the other parties instead of helping the people together, it’s not surprising that they choose to beat the people instead of safeguarding them.

Luckily, thousands of people and even some public and non-governmental organisations are condemning the facts. Unluckily, today I’m worried to see that we’re not being treated better than during Franco’s dictatorship.


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