You wouldn’t stay in the starting square of Snakes and Ladders

Last Saturday I wrote about the camp in Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona. I obviously support the cause of the movement and I thank the camper for making the problem visible to the world. But I also think that all processes have several steps and it’s about time they do their next move.

Two weeks ago we had elections in Spain and in such an anti-democratic situation — according to the meaning of democratic —, there was a need for someone to call a spade a spade. We’ve heard good and bad things about the camps for two weeks and an unfortunate event got even more people into the street last Friday.

Your aim is to move.

I think that the objective of the camps was — or should be — to put that situation on the spotlight to make the people aware of it and willing to actually do something apart from complaining about it in a bar. And they are now, but they still have to do that something. Let’s face it; different groups of people spread all over the country without any guideline or moderator or spokesperson won’t start a productive political debate. And maybe they could make those who believed in the movement think it’s stagnating.

Wouldn’t it be better to strike the camp and have meetings — which could be in the squares — to organize something? It doesn’t need to be a political party, just a list of anything anyone could think of and determine the priorities democratically. There’s a need for a clear and straight guideline to tell the people and the politicians what’s being demanded. Smoke and good intentions won’t start a debate with the government. If we want real democracy, we need to show what democracy is. It would be perfect to have a debate in which everyone could speak by themselves, but the bigger the group is, the more we need some organization.

I’m not talking about giving up on anything, but about doing the next step and say exactly what we want. I say it because I want it to work out. Maybe this is only nonsense by an ignorant of politics, but this is what common sense is telling me. Good luck.


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