The nice part of being a teacher: the end of the year

Last Saturday I told you that my job in the school had finished — not in the academy, unfortunately. Two groups were especially nice and they gave me lots of pictures and love letters (if I work there next year, we’ll learn how many hearts and I-love-yous are the limit not to sound weird).

These are two of the pictures, without the kids’ names.

We hope you had a great tiwe witu us! — said the super saiyan kids dressed as the Power Rangers to their ghost teacher.

And here I’m wearing my hindu trousers and my bum bag. The nice weather brings hippy fashion with it.

They've learnt a lot with me, but not enough to distinguish 'chicken' from 'kitchen'.

And since I never post any photos of me:

The way my kids see me.

1. Quite standard.
2. With a goatee. A nice way to draw my permanent five o’clock shadow.
3. Powerpuff me.
4. Young as ever. My hair hadn’t been that fair since I was four.
5. Wearing my Palestinian scarf. Again, hippy fashion.
6. That girl never paid too much attention. She doesn’t even know I wear glasses.

So sweet. I hope you enjoyed.


2 thoughts on “The nice part of being a teacher: the end of the year

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