Six-pix Bilbao

I’ve realised I haven’t posted any city pictures since January and decided that it’s about time I do it again. This time I’ll show you my last visit to Bilbao.

The love boat in Bilbao.

The river flows through the city and next to the city hall and the Guggenheim museum and other interesting sights. I spent many afternoons walking by the riverside.

Typical school in Bilbao.

I noticed something amazing about schools in Bilbao. Do you see this palace? That was a school and there are lots of them like this. By the way, don’t you think that this building, the red line on the road and the grey sky look like London?

The old town.

The centre of the city is like a small village: streets without cars and small shops, bars and houses. All big cities should have a place like this.

Tavern with barrel.

Many taverns have barrels outside. People use them as tables and drink in the street. I loved it because I prefer being in the street seeing people walking by and talking to the friends that pass by rather than sitting in a tiny noisy room. There’s nobody in the picture because it rained that day. It’s not always raining there; I had eight sunny days and two rainy ones. I used the sunny days to do things and left the camera for the days I could do nothing.

Crossed zebra crossings.

I’ve seen them in American films and Japanese cartoons, but there’s no need to travel that far to see them! I changed my route to cross diagonally, of course.

Views from my suite.

The first and last thing of the city I saw everyday was this. But there’s a special detail. Can you see the scaffolding on the left? That week they were still doing building works in my street, but it seems I moved them to Bilbao. That week they left my street in Barcelona and I’ve heard that they are still working there in Bilbao.


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