Òscar’s busy life

Did you notice? … Yes, I changed my blog’s appearance. Do you like it? Does it make me look fat?

Hey sister, flow sister.

Summer’s here and it brings some changes with it — and I’m not talking about the hippy fashion now. And since everything in my life changed or is going to change this week, I decided to change some things myself. Ok, changing a blog theme is no big deal; but I changed something more. I’m sure that nobody ever noticed that I published a post every three days, which means two or three posts a week. And you obviously haven’t noticed that this month it changed to one post a week.

The thing is that from next Saturday until September I’m going to be either working on my Catalan language master’s project or doing summer camps with kids — and working on my master’s project in my free time. I also have my Catalan blog and I’ll probably be writing the camps’ blog as well. Busy, busy summer.

I’m not going to pretend I think you feel sorry about it, because you don’t; but some blog has to pay for it. Looking on the bright side of it, this blog may stop depending on the other one and evolve like a Pókemon. I don’t know yet. I’ll just go with the flow — sister, soul sister, go sister.


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