Learning English on holiday

I told you two weeks ago that I was going to be busy the next months doing summer camps and working on my master’s project. Today I want to tell you about the camps because they are English camps.

There are different types of camps in this program. The most popular are the multisports camps, the English camps and the sports-English mix camps. It’s not hard to imagine how the multisports camps are like. The English camps are special because not only do the kids have English activities, but their monitors pretend to be foreigners and the kids can only speak in English for two weeks if they want to eat or play or whatever.

This doesn’t happen on the mix camps, where kids have three hours of English activity and three more hours of sports everyday. We only speak English during the activities because few sport monitors could make a realistic foreigner — or should I say none? Even though, sometimes you have a group of motivated kids that talk to you in English sometimes; maybe as a game, but they do.

The group which finished its camp last Monday was like that. They had a quite good level — except for those five who couldn’t even say happy or sad. Despite of this, you can always find hilarious things like:

– Romance phonetic writing: Ai jaf uan broder an uan sister.
– Word interpreting: (song) In your happy an your no is clap your hands.
– Invented words that don’t make sense even in the kids’ language: amberful
– Sentences starting with ‘It is’: It is the toilet? [Can I go to the toilet?] It is Òscar? [Where is Òscar?]

Well, I always try to correct them, but I’m not going to complain as long as they try to communicate in English. That’s the way to learn.


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