Sometimes you wonder whether you should publish something in your blog. I mean, we the bloggers have to accept that most of the people don’t spend their time waiting for details about our oddities.

I always lick the lid of my yogurts. Some think it’s a stupid think to do or it’s even rude; but I’ve paid for the whole content of the pot. Would you cut the end of a cigar before smoking? OK, that was not my best metaphor. But I’m sure you wouldn’t cut the end of a cigarette, or you wouldn’t throw the chips to the bin before eating the fish. The yogurt on the lid has a different consistency; it’s like the — necessary — preliminaries before the main yogurt act.

Well, some months ago, I licked a lid of a yogurt as usual and thought it was something important enough to be published. Some things need to be shared with the world; you can’t let this knowledge go to waste. And it was indeed something important. Next day I found it posted on someone else’s blog — in Catalan. And you just need to google it to see how important it is. I’ve waited three months, but I had to tell you sooner or later.

So, next time you eat some yogurt, please think of me. And don’t think I’m over with yogurts; next time we’ll talk about the stirring our yogurts before eating them. Enjoy your desserts.

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