‘The Big Lebowski’

The Big Lebowski. Jeff Coen; Jeff Bridges, John Goodman. United States, 1998.

“[The Dude] must face nihilists, pornographers, car thieves and a straight-talking artist […] all while trying to prevent bowling partner Walter […] from going over the edge.”

Two tough guys.

This is another film that my friend recommended me. Jeffrey the Dude Lebowski went home one day to find two thugs waiting to recover some money a woman owed them. They were looking for a millionaire that shares his name and he gets involved in a sort of kidnapping.

It sure is a funny film with a surreal story filled with all that stuff I copy-pasted above. But there’s something else I can’t ignore; the script is filled with swearwords. The Dude and his bowling partner use the f word and its derivatives in all their sentences. More than once. A lot more. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing; it really suits them. But it was specially funny when my brother — who can’t speak any English — came and realized they were cursing and swearing all the time. Two seconds later, a cowboy asked the Dude if he needed to use “so many cuss words”.

Anyway, I liked the film — although it was a bit weird at first; that’s my friend’s taste. But what I liked best was the rich man’s daughter. I’ll have to look for more films where Julianne Moore plays a crazy cool woman.


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