Two weeks ago I told you about licking the lids of the yogurts, but there are plenty of things you can do with these desserts. No, I’m not talking about eating it from someone’s body; I’m talking about something I’ve — also — seen in summer camps.

In fact, you don’t need to go on summer camps to see this; I’m sure that even some of you do this. I’m talking about stirring your yogurt. As you may know, when you take the lid of your yogurt — no matter whether you lick it or not — it looks like jelly or custard, whereas it becomes a viscous liquid when you stir it. If it was the chemist me writing, you’d read things like colloids, emulsions, disperse systems; but not today.

I eat my yogurts in the jelly state. I like to push my spoon deep in the pot, take out half of the yogurt balancing it to my mouth. Some years ago, a monitor fed me yogurts after meals. She wanted to feed me the yoghurts with as few spoonfuls as possible: two, as its impossible to ever fit a whole yoghurt on one spoon. The thing is that this practice meets my pragmatism philosophy. In order to maximize the relation nutrition/effort you should either give extra nutritional value (impossible) or minimize your effort. Therefore, stirring a yogurt is against my principles.

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