95 % of the monitors never change their underwear

Monitors are supposed to be open-minded people and are thought to be quite hippy and liberal, but you know myths; sometimes you get disappointed.

If you’ve ever worked in a camp you know that monitors always talk and make jokes about sex. They even play hot games at night after putting the kids to sleep. But after all these sexual references and games, they won’t change their underwear in front of you.

Tense moment when he knows they can see him.

Boys and girls monitors share rooms and it’s very likely that more than one person go to bed at the same time. When this happens, they brush their teeth and do whatever they do and… put their pyjamas on their underwear. I know some people sleep in it, but all of them? I don’t think so. And in the morning they put their clothes on their underwear again.

I hope that they wear clean clothes everyday for hygienic reasons. Then I guess they change their underwear in the bathroom after taking a shower.

Whatever happened to those hot games, touching, physical contact, spicy talks? These two facts are opposed; they’re always looking for something, but they always hide at night. Well, it’s obvious that they are square horny, but I don’t know what they do in the bathroom. So I just can think that they don’t change their underwear. I thought you should know it.


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