Summer Wars Episode III: Revenge of the kids

And summer is over. Yes, there are still two weeks left, but we’re back to normal life and work already. This is the story of how my summer ended.

The third part of my summer has been quite like the first one. I’ve been working as a monitor again, but this time I was in L’Escala, at the very north of the Catalan coast, whereas two months ago I was at the south. And last time the kids were 8-12 years old and now they were 12-16, and they were more than twice as many as in June. And there were no mosquitoes. I guess it wasn’t that much like the first part of my summer after all.

These two last camps have been even more special than that. Most of the coordinators work in the same youth hostel every summer and L’Escala had a peculiar one. This year they gave the two last camps to a very different coordinator in order to try a different style there and reinvent L’Escala. I had never worked with him before, but we climbed the Aneto together three years ago with other monitors and I knew he was a great person. And I must say that I loved the new L’Escala. I’m proud of having been part of that team.

There was an extra motivation for me; the day the kids arrived I saw lots of familiar faces, kids I met last year or before and with whom we got along. Those two camps had everything I needed to have a great end of summer. If only I had time to work on that Catalan-language-related work and I didn’t need to make up for the eighty hours I was supposed to work in August…


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