Turn autumn into spring in just three steps

Summer is over and autumn is already here. But not necessarily; it depends on you.

I’m glad to tell you that I’ve discovered how to go from summer back to spring again. I can’t promise winter is not coming later as usual, but at least you’ll have some extra months of flowers and butterflies. You just need to follow these three steps:

1. Find a job as an English teacher at an important academy in the capital city.

2. Make sure they hold teaching seminars and workshops.

3. Sit in the front row in the Taking video apart session and stare fascinated at the speaker, your shiny eyes wide open. And when the workshop ends and you’re asked “What do you think, Òscar?” in front of the audience, just say “I like it.” trying not to change it for you.

Maybe you’ll be lucky — unlike me — and the speaker will stay in your country instead of going back home. Anyway, don’t tell your partner about this or you’ll regret it for days. And don’t ever publish it on your blog; it’s never been the best way to keep something secret.


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