Alone in the Class

Strongly as I try to convince myself that some reader will notice the reference to the video game Alone in the Dark, I don’t think anyone does. I’ll keep trying.

I don’t think I’ve told you yet, but this year I’m teaching at the same school and the same academy where I worked last year. At the academy I’ve got two groups of my own, but at the school I borrow half of the class from the teacher and we [are supposed to] do fun activities to improve their speaking —or get them to destroy English grammar.

When I entered the school last week, I was told that the English teacher was ill; which wouldn’t be a major issue in a normal country with trained people and a decent administration, but remember that the south of Europe is often said to be the north of Africa. I had a different teacher helping me in the morning lesson. In fact, I provided her with some ideas for the lesson and left with my half to do what was prepared. However, I wasn’t that lucky in the afternoon. I was left alone with the kids and nobody seemed to know anything about my support. The principal happened to pass by and she promised to send someone. They failed to guess that the teacher was going to be ill in the afternoon as well. Twenty minutes later I realised I was going to be by myself the entire lesson.

Me looking for some teacher.

Were you wondering about the reason for making such a fuss, I can give you two. Firstly, I get paid for working with half of the class and I’m not going to exceed my duties. Secondly — and the overriding reason —, there’s a kid who needs special attention. His parents refuse to move him to a special school so there’s usually an extra adult in the class taking care of him, and by usually I mean not that day. Luckily enough, his classmates are aware of his situation and two of them offered themselves to control him and we even had fun.

Let me finish this part of the story here because you’re not used to long texts from me and I don’t want [most of] you to get hurt.


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