Alone in the Class 2

Although you might have not recognised the reference to the video game on the last post, I hope you do this time. If you don’t, you have a serious problem.

Nobody here. Someone's been tricked.

On the second week of my school adventure — last week —, measures were taken to avoid leaving me alone. The class teachers were asked to stay in the class with me as a support. That is, I had an extra student sitting at the end of the class and saying “shhh” now and then. Well, there was an exception. One of the class teachers asked for permission to go to the toilet when the kids were immersed in a text. She might have had terrible digestive problems, since she just came back at last minute.

Effective as that measure proved to be last week, it was not an acceptable long-term solution for two reasons — I’ve always got two reasons for everything. On one hand, you know I work for what I’m paid, and I’m not responsible of the curricular English of any group. On the other hand, I teach there two days a week, which means that there weren’t any English lessons for three days.

I asked whether a substitute was to come. It was. No English teachers were available in the entire Catalonia, but a P.E. teacher would be standing in for the English teacher from the following Monday — last Monday. Are you kidding me?

Let me stop this here again to protect your eyes from intense efforts. Remember that there are three games in the classical Alone in the Dark series.


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