Catalonia is in mourning

It was probably not on the headlines all over the world, but Spain held elections last Sunday. I’m sure that its dreadful economic situation is juicier. Anyway, Catalonia voted as well since we’re still part of that country which phagocytosed us.

There were five main options in Catalonia [I’ll try to describe them the best I can in an easy and surely subjective way. Forgive me if you have some knowledge on the issue.]:

CiU: Catalan nationalist centre-right party.
ERC-RCat: Catalan independentist left coalition.
ICV-EUiA: Catalan green left coalition.
PSC: Catalan version of the Spanish socialist party.
PPC: Catalan version of the centre-right Spanish party.

I support the left parties or coalitions for I’m both green and independentist [Had you not noticed yet?] and I used to not mind CiU or PSC — although they’ve never been great at defending Catalonia’s interests or any other thing — since I’ve never felt that my culture was on the verge of extinction as badly as now. On the other hand, I do really dislike PPC a lot because they are far from Catalan and far from the centre. They are the successors of the politicians who served Franco during the dictatorship, and some of them are even the same people! That is, politicians who forbade speaking Catalan for years, who enjoy limiting people’s rights and only care about money and the upper-class as they were born in it.

Unfortunately, Spain is too young a country to expect its citizens to understand what democracy is and how it works; let alone trust them with the power to decide. For this reason, after some years of a global crisis, the people punished the party that happened to be on the government as if it were only its fault by electing someone they judged worse on two previous occasions. I must say that Catalan citizens are starting to become influenced by this, but I still have some faith in them.

Just have a look at these graphs with the results to realize how different Catalonia is from Spain. While PP (the PPC’s Spanish parent) won the elections everywhere, Catalonia and the Basque Country put their own national parties on the first place. Is anything else needed to make clear that Catalonia is not Spain? Are we going to be under the yoke of a government that doesn’t represent us and could even harm our culture? CiU are not know for wanting the independence and, the very moment that the results were officially broadcasted, its militants started shouting for it. Those claims can’t be ignored.

Isn't it obvious that Catalonia is not Spain?

PS: Let me send a humble message to those who don’t vote as they are against the system because they noticed all the dark spots of it. We should keep in mind that a great part of the abstention comes from people with left-beliefs who are giving the power to right parties by not doing a simple action which, by the way, is the only officially binding and instantly effective one they allow us to do.


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