Even a king’s life comes to an end

In the last episode of Alone in the Class I told you that the substitute was ill too and I was the only survivor of the curse of the English teacher left. Today I publish the end of this already long enough story.

If only some king were that wise...

Last week the substitute was fine and I could enjoy the company of a PE teacher again, though not for long. Last Thursday, the English teacher returned to work. The kids hugged her regardless of the exam they were to take that day to allow her a relaxed welcoming.

The relative quietness of reduced groups returned to my lessons as well and I don’t worry about the substitute departure because many teachers are taking sick leaves lately at the school and she’s going to substitute the class teachers of the fifth year for some weeks.

All this proves that Mufasa was right; the circle of life does exist and everything comes back to the start. No wonder he became king.


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