New flat: I may be late, but I’m not a liar

Had you ever doubted about the truth in my words, this post will make you change your mind. Had you never doubted, you’re too gullible.

When you wish upon a star.

I was late to my English class a week ago. That wouldn’t be that important if I weren’t the teacher. According to myself, I was able to get to the academy on time; according to the train, I was to be ten minutes late. I hate when trains are right. The coordinator was standing in for me when I entered the classroom. I thanked her and took over the class. The kids stared at me, apparently unconcerned, holding back a question they thought somewhat inappropriate. “Guys… the teacher is late! — dramatic pause — Why are you late, Òscar? Oh, I’m glad you ask this question!” Not only were they allowed to ask, their teacher was encouraging them to do so, and they did. I told them I had signed the contract of my new flat and they went journalist berserk. “Are you living alone now?” someone asked. “Not alone — wink, wink —, not alone.” Then I rushed to start the class in order to avoid further questioning; plus that gives me a tool to get their attention fast some other day.

Now I can say I’ve been all around the compass of Barcelona. I lived in the east two years ago, in the south last year, in the west the last two months and now I’m in the north. Little do these experiences have in common, but then, you know I love changes. Let’s see what becomes of me in this new situation. Have I reached a stable situation without noticing it? Isn’t it scary?

Anyway, I remember someone saying he wasn’t celebrating Boxing Day in the flat he was living in October. Believe me, for I always speak the truth.


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