Christmas meals are back

Yesterday was the last day of school of this year and I’m sure lots of dinner parties were held around Catalonia.

Since I woke up yesterday and until I went back to bed this morning, I was in constant celebration. At school the kids gave a Christmas concert using songs from Disney films with new lyrics written by the music teacher. They were lovely. As there weren’t lessons in the afternoon, we had a Christmas lunch in the school. I ate a lot and I was having fun, but I had to leave to give the last lesson of the year at the academy.

Having had a festive morning, knowing that the night was going to be even better and having adorable kids in my class, time flew playing two speaking games. Then I found some Christmas snacks (different kinds of nougat and rolled wafer) in the teachers’ room. Much as I wished to stay, I wanted to drop by my old laboratory — where the traditional Christmas party was taking place — before I went back to the dinner party of the academy.

I couldn’t have possibly imagined that it was going to be such an ostentatious dinner party. We had even had a music group to play after the meal; but the party didn’t finish when they stopped playing as some of us looked for somewhere else to end the night properly.

It was a great day indeed. What about your dinner parties for the season? And are you doing anything special for the holidays? Here’s a clue of what I’m doing for Christmas: If yowm saft enuff ter cum dahn ’ere agooin wum, yowr tay ull be spile’t!


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