It’s not about the money, it’s about the people

Some things wouldn’t happen in a decent country. But then, this is Spain.

Civil servants usually complain about being perceived as lazy and useless. The problem is not being a civil servant, I know some of them in the school and they work hard for less money than they deserve. The problem is the people who earn much more than the amount their functions justify. Maybe they are not to blame; it’s easy to relax when you’re supposed to work much less than what you’re wage would imply.

So what if I get paid for resting?

Today I want to tell you about people who are not civil servants, but they sure earn more than they deserve: three employees at the CatalunyaCaixa bank in Vilafranca del Penedès.

Some weeks ago I wanted to check an account I have. There were three women: two of which were serving customers and the other was just wandering around. The wanderer told the one who was serving me to go and have breakfast; hence I had to explain everything again to the wanderer so she’d be able to serve me. Suddenly, a long queue appeared behind me and the wanderer sent me to the third woman, who was sitting at a table – to whom I had to retell my issues.

In the meanwhile, the cash dispenser swallowed a girl’s passbook. The two employees agreed to ignore her in front of me because they were too busy. Five minutes later, the girl complained energetically about the lack of answer to her call and the wanderer went to help her, but not before asking my sitting woman to serve the people in the queue. In one minute she was back to the table apologising for the behaviour of some clients at peak hours.

At this point you wonder whether having breakfast during working hours should be allowed. I always have breakfast before leaving home and I don’t think it’s thanks to any kind of superpower. If people want to have a break to have a snack, they should become teachers and eat in the playground during the break while they keep working looking after the children.


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