What’s your favourite position?

Banal as it may sound, the orientation of the toilet paper is something that really worries me and gathering information about it I discovered how important it actually is.

At some point, more than one year ago, I heard that two thirds of the people display the toilet paper in the over position, that is, facing the user, and the other third displays it in the under position, facing the wall.

Never before the idea of a different position crossed my mind since I had always seen it the same way. Little did I expect that this was going to change soon — and I’m not going to say any names, but we’re only two people now in the flat. I haven’t said what position I prefer for I assume you know I do it the right way, because there is one.

Many are the reasons supporting the over position. Contact between the paper which is going to rub your private something and the wall is avoided; sanitary reason which should be enough. Anyway, a better manipulation of the paper is also important. Wikipedia even mentions that manufacturers print their brands to be viewed in this position.

None or stupid are the reasons supporting the under position. It seems that it’s more unlikely to have the roll unrolled accidentally during an earthquake, which is of the utmost importance for someone who sees their house falling down.

What do you think?


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