I can see clearly now the rain has gone

There’s something I can’t hide because everybody can see it, even though I have it right in front of my eyes and I can’t: my glasses.

Undesirable accessory nowadays and replaced by contact lenses, glasses don’t make the best topic for a post. I like my glasses; they are quite old now, not specially nice, they don’t make me look cleverer or uglier — I’m often told they suit me, but that’s probably because they’ve always seen me wearing them.

Who turned the lights off?

Comfort is not what worries me about glasses. I don’t get how needing pots and liquids and putting your fingers in your eyes is better than removing your glasses and leaving them anywhere. What worries me is having a clear vision.

Once again, the world can be divided into two groups: those who see the dirt on their glasses when nobody else does and those who can’t see the dirt on their glasses when everybody else does. I’m in the first group, obviously. Any speck of dust on my glasses translates into a white spot floating in the air and greasy stains make images blurry and split up light spots into different beams. This is why I don’t understand people whose glasses are visibly dirty. What’s wrong with them? Do they think they are in Grand Banks? I don’t mean to offend anyone, but those in the second group are either too blind to wear glasses or simply filthy.


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